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Santa Blog ( Twitter )

  • NicholasClaus1: #lettertosanta send your letter to Santa at looking forward to your letters
  • NicholasClaus1: We've just completed our worldwide Santa recruitment drive, they'll be coming to a shopping centre near you soon
  • NicholasClaus1: Top #christmas toy of the year so far is Lego!
  • NicholasClaus1: #ipad doesn't like #snow whoops, thanks Phil for the new one, right where was I... Turning on #christmas #lights today
  • NicholasClaus1: Liam & Caden are in early with their lists this year...
  • NicholasClaus1: Nice to see the shelves filling up with seasonal bounty. Not long now 74 days...
  • NicholasClaus1: The new naughty & nice reward scheme is coming together nicely, do you think we should create something for kids to rate their parents?
  • NicholasClaus1: Parents/Guardians you can now pre-register for our free naughty or nice reward scheme. Visit the website for details
  • NicholasClaus1: We're just developing our new naughty & nice reward chart, keep checking our website for news...
  • NicholasClaus1: The naughty and nice department are now online ( well Nice is anyway ) visit our Post Office online
  • NicholasClaus1: Roll on November when the first wave of letters come flooding in, we're prepared for it this year. We have a new sorting machine...
  • NicholasClaus1: The new email letter to Santa is now live,
  • NicholasClaus1: The switch over is completed, that was painless, keep looking at our site for changes
  • NicholasClaus1: Our website get's switched over today, fingers crossed everyone. New developments coming soon
  • NicholasClaus1: Phil in the elf help department tells me we are upgrading our web servers so our website might be on and off in the next few days
  • NicholasClaus1: Okay more changes coming up on our website, it's going to be even more fun than last year. It's even going to have a new Santa email form
  • NicholasClaus1: Only 87 days...
  • NicholasClaus1: I've been given an iPad device so I can stay on top of my workload I think it's going to take me just as long to learn how to use it
  • NicholasClaus1: Right so the it department tell me it's now working properly...
  • NicholasClaus1: Hello everyone I finally managed to get myself on twitter :)